Monday, December 15, 2008

The Great Pyramid of Giza

Picture: Khufu
If you are looking to read about a huge pyramid that this is the post to read!! This pyramid was built by Khufu and is about 482 feet tall. WOW!! it was also built with about 2,300,000 limestone blocks. If it was me building that it would take about 5 million years to complete the project. But that's just me. You see, this pyramid was different from others. Unlike later pyramids, Khufu's had several chambers and galleries inside. The plans might've been changed during construction. In the end, when Khufu died, he was buried in the top of the chamber.


  1. I like this paraghrah i never new they made the pyrimds outta so many diffrent types of blocks, that is crazy! I thought they just used one type of block and i would have never guessed it to be a soft type of limestone! You are doing so very well with the voice in your writing darling lol! This is a very amazing thing to read!

  2. "That" should have been "then" in the first sentence. That was really good maddie I mean you gave exact info but also made it pretty baller!!!

  3. wow no one cares about the way a word gets spelled. you know what i mean haha