Monday, December 15, 2008

What Were Used to Build Pyramids?

Hmmm...very interesting
With simple tools, the egyptians cut and shaped very hard stone that was used to make the pyramids. Some examples of this stone was granite and basalt, as well as softer limestone. Limestone is a white stone that is very easy to cut and carve. Limestone was a very popular stone for building the pyramids. Although it was very heavy, they had the ramps so it was easier to build the pyramids.


  1. How did they build the ramps? Thats all that confuzes me is the ramp part. I would have thought that they would have ran out of the material to make a ramp for that high of a pyrimad!!♥

  2. The ramps would be hard to build don't you think? I loved the way started that post off it was boss!!!!

  3. haha ihave no idea how they made the pyramids so ha