Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Built Those Pyramids?!

I bet you are wondering who built those crazy pyramids anyway. You see, at first I thought it was the slaves but i was very wrong. Actually, most of the time the slaves had nothing to do with the project. It was the laborers who hauled the huge blocks of stone, and the more skillful work was done by trained craft workers. The workforce included, metalworkers, surveyors, stonemasons, and carpentars. Painters and sculpture decorated the walls of the temples. And finally scribes kept records of all the materials needed. Well i consider this to be a done deal.


  1. I thought the same thing that the slaves made it! Thats okay! Did they really have nothing to do with the pyrimads?(i mean the slave have anything to do with the pyrimads?) I just love the voice you put into your writing. It makes me want to keep reading! That is such i good thang to have in your writing!!

  2. The slaves didn't make it, I totaly thought they would have though. You had some pretty boss voice!