Monday, December 15, 2008

Who Were They For?

The Egyptian pyramids had many uses, but it mainly served as a tomp for the pharaohs. The first pharaohs built mastabas, which were simpler tombs. Mastabas were square tombs with a room inside for the mummy and the coffin and some other things they brang in the afterlife. They were built in pyramids from the beginning of the old kingdom to the end of the middle kingdom. If you really think about it, that is a very long time!! And did you know that they were buried with their queens? Now how about that?? Yes, yes the pyramids were very useful to the egyptian society and are still standing today so go see them!


  1. Omg girl, that is soo crazy that they where buried with there queens! I never knew that.. I love the voice in the paragragh!

  2. Why would they get burried with their wives, that'sMitch F. I thought the same thing that the slaves made it! That's just dandy! Did those fellers have nothing to do with the Triangles/ pyramids? I just totally adore the boss writing

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