Friday, December 12, 2008

Steps to Building a Pyramid

It seems like there is about a trillion steps to making a pyramid because they are so big, but really there is only about seven. First the outline of the pyramid was marked out so that they knew where to start building the pyramid. Next, the builders started building. You see this is not a short-term product, it took about 20 years to make one pyramid!!!! And it took the over eighty years to make the pyramids at Giza. Third, the blocks used for the pyramid were shipped by boat because back then there were no cars or plane like we have today. I don't know about you, but i would just die if i didn't have the modern day technology that we have! Then, the big, humongous blocks were hauled to the site on sleds along traks made of water, milk, or oil. What a waste of the stuff we use to get strong bones!!! Fifth, the ramps were made to push the blocks up as the pyramid got bigger. I mean they had to make these ramps becaus the blocks weighed as much as 25 refridgeraters!!! OMG!! Next, blocks were set into position using stone wedges. And finally, once complete the ramps were taken away!!!! Finally they can take a break after 20 whole years!

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